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Sorcerers of Stone: Architects of the Three Ages

If you reached this website thinking you were landing on a page about J.K. Rowling’s first book Harry Potter and The Sorcerer's Stone, I am sorry to disappoint you, and have to inform you that this is NOT that website; however, if you are looking for another story of magic — a magic that you can see, touch and experience in real life at sacred sites around the world, you have came to the right place.


Seeing Ancient Worlds with Fresh Eyes

Sorcerers of Stone: Architects of the Three Ages BookSorcerers of Stone: Architects of the Three Ages— introduces those magicians of stone that perplexed the Spanish who came to Peru in the 15th and 16th centuries, (and visitors today) with their otherworldly abilities to create gigantic, complex, and fantastic forms in the living rock.

Just who created these megalithic and monolithic works? How did they do it? And why did they do it? Sorcerers of Stone: Architects of the Three Ages attempts to answers these questions using some of the most recent scientific research as well as more esoteric approaches like looking for answers from clairvoyants Rudolf Steiner, Madam Blavatsky and Edgar Cayce, as well as others, who had the ability to read the Akashic records — that numinous library where all that ever was, or ever will be, is etched into the etheric Book of Life.

Sorcerers of Stone also explores the three distinctive types of ancient construction that we see not only in Peru, but also in many other places around the world. These styles are different enough to indicate that we are witnessing three distinct cultures or civilizations that are technically advanced enough to say we could be looking at vestiges of ancient Lemuria and Atlantis.

In Peru, these sites are called huacas, (or wakas), and are known to harbor mysterious energies. They are sought after by Pacos (Peruvian shamans) and spiritual seekers who visit them to make offerings of coca leaves, fruits and flowers to Pachamama (the Earth mother), the Apus (sacred mountains) as well as to the unique spirits that reside there.

What is their attraction? Besides their captivating beauty and mystery, there is evidence that true alchemy is being created at these sites through a combination of the chemistry of the stones, the life-force (camay) in running water flowing around and beneath them, the telluric earth energies centered and weaving on their paths, the unique forms that harness energy for a function, and, let’s not forget the most important part— you, and your sincere intention. All of these factors have the ability to transmute energies and transfigure your soul. These sites are still ALIVE and waiting for you to experience their magic and majesty!

What people are saying about Sorcerers of Stone

Michael A. Cremo

In Sorcerers of Stone, Camille Sauvé conjures up a visionary and transformative archeological experience. She guides her readers deeply into the magical world of mysterious megalithic monuments, with a focus on Peru and Bolivia. Going beyond the imposing physicality of these perplexing lapidary manifestations, she takes us into more esoteric topics such as sonic manipulation of… Read more “Michael A. Cremo”

Michael A. Cremo, author of Forbidden Archeology

Michael Tellinger

Camille M. Sauvé delivers an important contribution towards unravelling the mysteries of the spectacular monoliths and megaliths of the ancient sacred sites of Peru. The sheer size and technical sophistication of these sites has puzzled explorers and archaeologists for centuries. Who built these structures, when were they built, and what was the original purpose? Camille explores… Read more “Michael Tellinger”

Michael Tellinger, author of African Temples of the Anunnaki

Graham Phillips

“A truly astonishing book, well-written and thoroughly engaging. The author poses some fascinating questions regarding the purpose of early stone structures and makes a persuasive argument for the existence of ancient technology previously considered… Read more “Graham Phillips”

Graham Phillips, author of Wisdomkeepers of Stonehenge

Cliff Dunning

Sorcerers of the Stone is a remarkable look at ancient South American stone masonry, the evidence of lost technology in shaping rock, and the placement of temples and sacred sites over telluric or geomagnetic energy fields. The book reaches beyond the limited archeological views of our ancestors and reveals an early epoch of man that is… Read more “Cliff Dunning”

Cliff Dunning, author and host of the Earth Ancients podcast

Giacomo Renato Longato

Camille Sauvé dares to write about a complex subject yet ignored by the official narrative. Her book is a tour-de-force to understand the real enigma of the megalithic structures in… Read more “Giacomo Renato Longato”

Giacomo Renato Longato, author of Dioses del Pasado (Gods of the Past)

Whitley Streiber

I was simply blown away by this book. You’ve written one of the most remarkable books about the lost past that I have ever… Read more “Whitley Streiber”


Camille M. Sauvé is an independent journalist, writer, photographer, and graphic designer, who is living in the Sacred Valley in Cusco, Peru. She has spent hundreds of hours exploring Peru's enigmatic archaeology sites (also known as huacas or sacred sites) by on-site investigation and reading many academic papers and historical accounts about them. Fascinated with the fantastic monoliths and megaliths and their technical sophistication and possible uses, she is also interested in who was responsible for their creation.

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